Pianist. Orchestrator. Songwriter. Gamer.


Ever since I forced my Mom to get me piano lessons in 6th grade, I have loved the piano. And the weirdest thing is that I loved classical; a genre that's usually forced on young children, not embraced by them.


My skill and interest grew rapidly, and I was playing concerts at retiree homes and performing every year at school concerts. I began winning competitions in high school and college, but my most prized award came from winning the "Original Song of the Year Award" in 2009 at a college competition in Townsville, Australia. That is when I knew I had to pursue a career in composing.


With mainly private lessons from a world-renowned Russian piano judge as the basis for all my composing, I am self-taught in music production, mixing, and mastering, and very capable of producing professional, quality audio.


I create music that I love, and many others have discovered my work and come to love it nearly as much as me. My music has been in several student film projects and I am currently working on two classified projects in games. I am a member of the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) and care about delivering the best audio possible to suit every projects needs.


I hope you enjoy my music samples, and please use my contact page or email me at prismaticwolfproductions@gmail.com to reach me for collaborating on video game and film projects.