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Subject: Eerie Enchantment
Bioshock -
Sample # 1

My cinematic sample for Bioshock was composed to portray the mood of the game itself, combined with the scene that is set before you in the Bathysphere as you descend into Rapture. The world of Rapture is a complicated mess of splicers, politicos, and gruesome scenery. The best way to introduce this in the above sample was to create an "Eerie Enchantment" about the city itself.


The sound needed to be creepy-esque as the world inside is completely creepy. The other half needed to showcase the splendor and occassional goodness that fills the city. It's an awesome city at the bottom of the ocean filled with really cool and unique things. Rapture will remain a marvel at the bottom of the sea --- forever.

Subject: The Neverending Battle


Coming Soon!

World of Warcraft -
Upcoming Sample #2

Coming Soon!


This scene from World of Warcraft is a raid! It has no music because it's just the video a raid host posted for Nefarian.


You need powerful music to add tension to the gample experience. This is not yet overdubbed, but will be soon. Action music makes intense fights all the more intense and fun, and my version will do just that once it's complete.

Subject: "There's Horror Within"

Resident Evil -
Sample #3

The mansion of Resident Evil is the first place many of us felt terrified when playing a game. Everything seemed so real and every scene was jarring. There was no music in the original game, just sounds and the occassional music queue at key moments in the game. For the subject of this sample, I decided the music best coincides with the feeling of when you first enter the mansion. "There's Horrors Within" is how it feels when you walk in to every room, and it's the truth.


Ambient music was most appropriate here so as to not overshadow the visuals. You may have been taken too far out of the immersive terror if you suddenly started focusing on a stray violin or a wonky organ sound. Keeping the music dark, terrifying, and in the backgroun, let's the character and the environment shine and keep you thoroughly engaged for the thrill ride that is Resident Evil.