Sample Gallery:


The below clips are all overdubbed scenes from either cinematics, movie scenes, slideshows, or video game gameplay. The music in them are all original pieces. I am adding clips on a weekly basis so come back often to check out more!
Feel free to Contact me about your own projects and collaborations, I'm available for contract work and will gladly license any of my current pieces upon request. 

Bioshock - The City of Rapture

This is my take on Garry Schyman's masterful work. A new look out the bathysphere and into the first glimpses of Rapture.

Resident Evil Ambient Track

Are you scared yet? I've wanted to make horror tracks for a while, and here is the first one. I badly want to make more because it turned out so great!

Skyrim - Interactive Music Sample

In this scene, we go from a quiet town to a bandit fight to an epic enemy showdown and the music changes twice. The music works well together towards the game's overall theme.

Close to Triumph

An early clip I made and added scenery to. The subject is in the name: a hero that is close to his moment of triumph.

Multiplayer Music for a Shooter

Titanfall inspired me to create this track. It's meant for a deathmatch, and packs plenty of thematic elements.

Metroid Montage

This track is meant to sound otherworldly to bring you into unfamiliar places with excitement instead of fear.

Fallout 3 Opener

For this piece, I wanted to show a seemless transition into Fallout 3's post-apocalyptic inhumanity.

Wildlife Scene

A scene from a video sample on my first PC. I changed the music from light-hearted to a more majestic melody.

Emotions Run High

This clip is for a main character that is overcome with joy as his awful task has come to an end, or is stricken with pain and suffering. It all depends on how you listen to it.

Audio Samples:

This isn't actually the menu music to Mass Effect 2... I just think it should be. The music is simple and reptetitive, but ramps up towards the end to get you excited for diving into the game itself.


This is a track that is meant for looping in a video game either as a combat loop or a boss fight loop. I envisioned an evil boss figure that you'd have to fight at the end of a level when I made this piece. Specifically, Odalwa from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

While taking a look at some highly artistic hand-drawn video games, I felt I needed to create a piece that could be used in these types of games. This is what I came up with. It displays a "delicate creepiness" and is meant to be looped in one or more levels.

While trying out the Pizzacato Strings instrument in Pro Tools, I came up with this track. It doesn't have a specific scene in mind, but I was picturing of an animal wandering through a meadow, and there you have it.


This piece was featured in a short film called "Dog Tag" made in Chicago in 2012. It's a little bluesy, a little waltzy, and works in a segway scene of a movie.

This was something I came up with after remembering the amazing music in Tears of the Sun. I wanted to make an entirely drum-based track for use in light- to mid- action scenes.

I just started working on this piece in January of 2015 and am so excited about it that I had to post a sample!

Here is what I am dubbing "Project Blitz Waltz" for now until I come up with a real name.


This piece is from 2009 and won an award for "Best Original Instrumental, 2009" in Australia while I was studying abroad for college. This is my first fully completed piano piece ever, and this is the original live recording without any production value added.

This guitar piece is from 2010, and is played on a $30 classical guiar, but has some great complication in the chord progression. This is one of my favorite instrumental songsand is sort of a neo-classical piece.