Fallout 3 Opener - New Sample!

This opening trailer took some time to hash out. It's not every day that you're thrown back into the 1950's, when it's actually 2277 and the world has imploded on itself.

The subway scene starts with a few images of toys as it pans out slowly, and I wanted to give the scene a "family" attribute in the beginning. I imagined a family traveling with their little girl and bringing her teddy bear along for the trip right before the apocalypse. It's a grim scene with some grim child-like music.

As the scene pans out I wanted to introduce depth and a mood of unease to the world around you. The drum sound doubles as a gunshot in the distance, and the tremolo strings does a great job of unsettling the music.

#composing #videogamemusic #videogames #trailer #fallout3

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