GDC 2015 is Two Weeks Away!

The Game Developer's Conference is only TWO WEEKS AWAY and I will be there!

I'm ecstatic to see the future of games, where it's headed, who's who at the conference, and what underdogs will become rising stars this year. It's always exciting to read about new games on sites like and, but meeting the brains behind the video games is much more fascinating.

I tend to get pretty excited about the next best game. FarCry 4 was my favorite last year, Bioshock Infinite the year before, Evolve was amazing on Xbox One this year, and I continue to buy every Angry Birds they make (yes, it's true, I'm a loser). So far I want to see Blizzard, Crytek, Microsoft, and Valve.... but the list keeps growing!

Come meet me if you're going to GDC 2015! I'll be hanging around the networking lounge as well as many of the Audio-centric sessions on Wdnesday through Friday.

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